Boiler Installation

For Boiler Installations we recommend Vaillant and Glowarm boilers.

Our rates are compeititive, so come to us for boiler installation. We can install new boilers and service and repair any boiler.

Services Offered

  • Purchasing
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • We will come to your property quickly and at a date and time that suits you.

Well there are a number of factors here…

  • Profit margins vary from company to company is an obvious one
  • Wide variety of Boiler makes and Prices
  • Including and Excluding Power Flushing
  • Inclusion of Room Thermostats and Radiator Valves
  • Where a Boiler is being positioned and the work involved
  • Boiler has been installed in accordance to ‘Gas Safe’ & Building Regs strict guidelines.

The main overriding factor here is the installation complies with both ‘Gas Safe’ and Building Regulations strict rules and guidelines. Companies can reduce costs by NOT complying with all of the Installation Rules and Guidelines. While adhering to the guidelines can mean that there is a cost to incur, the Rules and Guidelines have been put in place for both Safety and Environmental reasons. Installers that do not comply with these are in breach.

  • Ensure your Installer is ‘Gas Safe’ Registered
  • Ensure that ‘Gas Boilers’ are an appliance they are qualified to fit (shown on back of their card).
  • Condensing Boilers are compulsory under the Building Regulations in most situations. Ensure your Quote is for a Condensing Boiler. If not ask why?. While ‘A’ Rated condensing boilers can be more expensive, they are far more efficient to run and can save in the region of £270 on energy bills per year.
  • ‘Energy-efficient’ controls are now compulsory under Building Regulations. Most existing boiler installations already have some form of main thermostatic control. Your quote should take into consideration whether or not your current ‘Room Stat’ is up to the job or a new one would be the most efficient option. Also separate thermostatic controls are now required in sleep areas. This can be achieved by fitting thermostatic radiator valves to all rad’s that require them fitting under the regulations. So ensure that your quote includes ‘TRV’ valves if you do not currently have them in bedrooms etc . TRV valves also save money on running costs.
  • While not covered by regulations ‘Power Flushing‘ your system for all new installations to extremely advisable. Most Boiler manufacturers insist systems are ‘Power Flushed’. Not doing so can invalidate your manufacturers guarantee. Power Flushing your system does help ensure that heating system runs as efficiently as possible.

A straight swap will take one day.

A retrofit conversion will take 3-5 days.

Our qualification allows us to work on commercial gas boilers, atmospheric boilers, force draft burners, plaque heaters, radiant heaters, cabinet heaters, the full works.  Please check the gas safe register and see our company listed. Our Gas Safe Registration number is 521908. When we arrive on your premises we will be carrying our gas safe engineer ID card, please don’t hesitate to ask.

"Richard has over the past few years fixed leaking pipes, changed old pumps, serviced and cleaned our underfloor manifolds, installed new boilers and water softener. He is reliable, friendly and trustworthy - will always call you back and help you out when he can. We’ve always been delighted with Richards work and would have no hesitation in recommending him. He’s a great find."

Joanna Green