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Commercial Underfloor Heating Links

If your underfloor heating is leaking, we have the equipment to seek, trace and fix the leak.

Our thermal imaging camera can check blocked radiators and all underfloor heating malfunctions. A thermal imaging camera can detect heat patterns through flooring, thereby showing where a system is effective.

If you detect or suspect a link contact us and we will take of your problem.

Services Offered

  • Leak Detection
  • Blockage Detection
  • Insulation Issues Detection
  • Full System Issue Detection
A consistent, efficient warming effect throughout a room is achieved by laying pipes under the floor in a regular pattern although practicalities such as hidden obstacles or unusually shaped rooms may require a more complicated pattern. To correctly trace underfloor heating, the user should turn on the system and hold the thermal camera steadily pointing at the floor once it has fully warmed up. Temperature directly above pipes tends to be at roughly 26˚C compared to an average floor temperature of 18˚C. A working underfloor heating system should be easily traceable from the system manifold, throughout a property and back to the manifold.

"Richard has over the past few years fixed leaking pipes, changed old pumps, serviced and cleaned our underfloor manifolds, installed new boilers and water softener. He is reliable, friendly and trustworthy - will always call you back and help you out when he can. We’ve always been delighted with Richards work and would have no hesitation in recommending him. He’s a great find."

Joanna Green