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Commercial Plant Room

Professional design, installation and maintenance of plant rooms for any size business.

A plant room, (sometimes referred to as a mechanical room or boiler room), is a dedicated space containing the equipment required to provide or supply building services such as; ventilation, electrical distribution, water and so on.

The size of a plant room is generally proportional to the size and type of building. Large buildings may have several plant rooms, or spaces that occupy one or more storeys and some plant rooms may have specific functions, such as; battery rooms, transformer rooms boilerrooms and so on.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Surveys
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Decommissioning 

Our modular systems ensure we maximise your space and minimise your energy – ensuring that no matter the size of your building or relative constraints of the plant room, we can install solutions that are flexible and work with your building.

We can install all the necessary gas and electrical appliances and pipework.

We take into account the power required in the plant room, heating and water outputs, piping and routing requirements and flow rates to support the building. Our through analysis ensures your installation, maintenance and ongoing energy costs are minimal.

We pride ourselves on diagnosing faults and aim to diagnose quickly. We will then provide a fixed price quote.

We offer a comprehensive annual boiler maintenance package, which ensures that the boiler will always be maintained and looked after. Prices vary depending on the bespoke and individual requirements of each customer so please contact us regarding any queries or for a free quotation

We are also able to decommission gas plant rooms when it is no longer required. We can also remove and install if the room is to be relocated or upgraded to meet new guidelines.

Sometimes, an entire plant room redesign isn’t always needed. We can often replace existing plant room items, and increase your efficiency and energy usage without major work being required.

Our thorough survey will ensure we can create the right power output, no matter the size of the plant room.

We undertake both stand-alone systems and ones that connect to existing networks or to local grids. Whatever the system, we provide clients with reliability and control at all times.

If you are concerned about a gas leak in your commercial or industrial buildings and plant rooms please call our emergency gas leak number on 07956 965 930 where we can advise on which actions to take and despatch a gas engineer to locate and repair the gas pipes.

We can install, maintain and repair alll water softeners in your commercial plant room. We generally use Wrekin Water Softeners.

We install, maintain and repair Gas Boosters.

"Richard has over the past few years fixed leaking pipes, changed old pumps, serviced and cleaned our underfloor manifolds, installed new boilers and water softener. He is reliable, friendly and trustworthy - will always call you back and help you out when he can. We’ve always been delighted with Richards work and would have no hesitation in recommending him. He’s a great find."

Joanna Green